Frostbite Symptoms

Superficial Frostbite:

  1. A mild or superficial frostbite has symptoms of burning, numbness, tingling, itching and cold sensations. The affected areas look white and frozen but when the area is pressed, there is some resistance.

Deep Frostbite:

  1. A deep frost bite has symptoms of numbness, or complete loss of feeling in the affected area.
  2. Swelling and blood filled blisters.
  3. White or yellowish skin that appears waxy.
  4. Skin looks purple or blue when it re warms. In very extreme cases area may appear blackened and dead.
  5. Area is hard and has no resistance when pressed on.
  6. The patient will feel intense pain as the area warms up again and circulation is established.
  7. Dull ache and throbbing over the next 3 days. This can last weeks or months until final tissue separation is complete.

Frostnip is a tingling sensation due to cold exposure. There is no tissue damage after warming up again. Chilblain is an itchy painful skin area that has been repeatedly exposed to damp, freezing conditions. Trench foot is red, swollen and painful areas of the feet due to repeated exposure to dampness and cold, and made worse by tight army boots.

Frostbite Picture